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Choosing the right Osaine Moisturisers

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Choosing the right Osaine Moisturisers


Choosing the right Osaine Moisturisers for your skin can make a big difference to your skin. Therefore, knowing your skin is also important; read it’s needs!     However, if your skin is feeling dry, your probably experiencing dehydration. Hence,  similar to sensitivity, if your skin is feeling and looking red, or patchy, it’s probably experiencing some form of sensitivity. 


  1. Lami Green moisturisers containing Vit B + zinc + niacinamide and salicylic acid, ideal for congested & problematic skin.
  2. Flora Yellow moisturisers will rebalance the skin with the active enriched ingredient called floragene.  Hence, floragene is an incredible ingredient that rebalances the hydrolipidic film. (the protective film that covers your skin.)
  3. Omega Blue moisturisers with essential fatty acids enrich, giving a perfect finish for a glycated dry skin type. However, it’s often used as a first-time moisturiser to rectify extreme skin conditions.
  4. Aosa Pink moisturiser is enriched with plant-based collagen and is highly anti ageing leaving the skin plump, moisturised and glowing.
  5. Sea Stem Moisturiser is an Intensive and nourishing emulsion for the night treatment of dry and demanding skin. Hence, with a repairing and restructuring effect.


All Osaine skin moisturisers contain Amazon water, not just ordinary water. Furthermore, it’s very remineralising to the skin. thereforem rich in trace elements and forest energy this is a professional range sold by professionals only.