nurishiment from the sea

Algologie skincare is made in France, from the finest filtered Seaweed extracts.


Osaìne from the waters off the italian cost. Osaine was created starting from the cosmetic properties of these algae; has the ability to revitalize and remineralize cells, stimulate fundamental enzymes, strengthen the immune system and protect the skin  In cosmetology, algae are highly appreciated for their ability to activate the physiological mechanisms in the deeper layers of the skin.


phivocks ear Candles

Features of our range of ear candles.

Traditionally Handcrafted

100% Pure Beewax

100% Pure essential oil

Natural Unbleached Cotton (medical grade)

Pesticide residue-free 

Double Filters to stop falling

fleur de mer

Cosmeceutical products formulated with unique technology to provide quick, visible results so as to satisfy the huge demand for non surgical skin care in Australia.


Specializing in advanced beauty ranges.  Grape Extract skincare range full of antioxidents.  Sincerity Hair Growth system.