Sincerity Grape Extracts Anti Ageing Range Launch

Sincerity Grape Extracts Anti Ageing Range

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 New Range Launch

(Sincerity’s new powerful anti-oxidant range)

Sincerity Grape Extracts Anti Ageing Range  Wherever we live or work our skin and bodies are being invaded.   Dangerous oxidative sources such as industrial pollution, exhaust fumes, the suns U.V. rays, rancid fats and oils, highly refined foods, stress and lots more are invading our Bodies.

As a result, an oxidation process creates in our bodies harmful toxins called free radicals which can have an ageing and damaging effect on our skin and internal organs.

To help combat these harmful effects products known as anti-oxidants must be considered.

Always in search of innovative products as close to nature as possible, Sincerity has now researched the amazing benefits of grapes and their derivatives which are very rich in anti-oxidant polyphenols.  Sincerity has created the ultimate range with excellent anti-oxidant (i.e. anti-free radical) properties, and appropriately called Grape Extracts.

We now know why so many doctors recommend a glass or two of red wine every evening.  It’s because of the high concentration of valuable anti-oxidants.  You don’t have to drink it, to get the benefits of grapes and its precious extracts.

Sincerity Grape Extracts Anti Ageing Range provides all the anti-ageing properties of grapes, grape seeds etc in its unique beautiful products.

This is a new and very comprehensive range which is a joy to apply both day or nigh or both for more rapid results.   It contains powerful antioxidant grape extracts to help protect our tender face and neck from environmental pollution and damage.   Contains recently researched anti ageing ingredients including a safe peptide.   Sincerity Grape Extract Anti Ageing range with its unique quality intense ingredients quickly and very noticeably reduce signs of wrinkles and ageing.  It also nourishes, firms and hydrates the skin.  Palmitoyl peptides, in particular, provide an anti-wrinkle effect.

Sincerity has taken the active elements found in this range straight from the humble grape. This full range will protect and nurture your skin providing 7 very reasonably priced perfectly anti-ageing.


 KEY INGREDIENTS Sincerity Grape Extracts Anti Ageing Range

MATRIXYL: The internationally proven peptide for nourishing, hydrating and firming the skin.
A Peptide specifically for the eye area in the eye cream which not only nourishes the skin but is proven to reduce and prevent the signs of
unsightly puffiness, and dark rings around the eyes, and wrinkles.
WINE EXTRACT & VINE LEAF EXTRACT  Rich in flavonoids to protect from and prevent free radical damage.
EXTRACT FROM WINE ITSELF: Its anti-oxidant effect reduces premature skin ageing.
GRAPE SEED OIL: An oil with a soft and gentle texture. It is rich in essential fatty acids (linoleic acid) working as an anti-oxidant thanks to
its high content of Vitamin E. Very nourishing.

ACETYL TETRAPEPTIDE 5 : Scientifically researched and proven to help fight and prevent the creation of puffy bags under the eyes and
dark rings around the eyes and fine lines around the eyes.
ACETYL HEXAPEPTIDE-8: A safe Botox like peptide which helps relax facial muscles and movements to significantly help reduce the
signs of wrinkles.
RESVERATROL: The beneficial effects of red wine are considered to be due to this antioxidant found in grape skin and wine.
SODIUM HYALURONATE: This hydrating ingredient maintains the level of water in the superficial layers of the skin.
GLYCERINE: Glycerine has humectant properties and maintains the level of water in the superficial layers of the epidermis.
GREEN TEA & LOTUS ESSENTIAL OILS: Fresh fragrance with antioxidant properties.


A soft, gentle fragranced cleanser to remove make-up, oil and impurities. Thanks to its red grape components it
provides antioxidants to destroy free radicals at the same time. Skin is left soft and clean, perfectly ready for the
treatments to follow.

This lotion is a real treasure of freshness and hydration for the skin. At the same time helping to limit damage
caused by destructive free radicals and prevent premature skin ageing. Thanks to its pleasant grape fragrance the
application is a moment of pure pleasure. Skin is kept refreshed and hydrated.

A rich cream with fine particles. Formulated with a cream base, this gentle scrub removes any trace of sebum, impurities
and dead cells thanks to the Exfoliating Jojoba. Grape Seed Oil provides essential nourishment for cutaneous integrity.
Wine and Grape Leaf extracts prevent premature skin ageing and reinforce the epidermis.

This rich creamy mask is a complete treatment to preserve the youthful radiance of the face thanks to
vinotherapy. A cocktail of regenerating and anti-ageing active ingredients to firm, smooth and tone the skin.
Rich in essential fatty acids that protect and preserve the epidermis. Wrinkles and fine lines become less
visible, skin firmer and complexion fresh and luminous.

A soft easily absorbed grape coloured gel with light and fresh fragrance. It is more highly concentrated
with a more powerful anti-ageing action combined with more natural grape extracts antioxidants
from the most effective and safe source… nature.

A soft coloured cream. The skin around the eyes is particularly thin. It shows signs of lines and ageing
and dryness before other areas. It can also develop unsightly puffy bags under the eyes and dark circles
around the eyes. It, therefore, needs the very special attention that this eye cream offers. It combines the
powerful anti-oxidant effects of the red grape with a combination of remarkably effective peptides and
nourishing natural oils.

This day cream has a soft silky texture which provides care for devitalised and stressed skins damaged by external
aggressions especially urban pollution and showing premature skin ageing. Derived from an original formula, this
cream contains an extract of Vine Leaf, a powerful anti-oxidant extracted from Wine and a strong regenerating active
ingredient. It provides a firming and visible anti-wrinkle action as well as a light tensing effect. It smoothes features
thanks to a botox-like effect. Rich in nourishing ingredients (Grape Seed Oil) and hydrating agents (Glycerine, Sodium
Hyaluronate), it permits the skin to rebuild its protective film and to maintain the level of water in the superficial layers
of the epidermis. The skin becomes younger, firmer and better protected.

PRODUCTS IN THE Sincerity Grape Extracts Anti Ageing Range


Be assured that you will be receiving steps towards, proper care and safeguards for your skin from, the harmful effects of the environment.

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