Osaine Slimming Sea Cream


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reducing and anti-cellulite cream is essential for a complete slimming treatment.


Osaine Slimming Sea Cream

 Osaine Slimming Sea Cream reducing and anti-cellulite cream is essential for a complete slimming treatment. To leave an active ingredient on the skin, the cream should be applied at the end of the treatment. It should also be used at home, so that one gets an extended treatment effect.
Day by day, the figure becomes refined, skin achieves an impeccable texture both to the sight and the touch.
After careful studies and analysis of the cellulite pathology and treatments, Osaine has formulated this product line
– Gulf Stream oceanic seawater
– Green sea clay, for a draining and purifying action
– Laminaria Digitata seaweed, pure and minced, for a rebalancing, draining and slimming action thanks to its high iodine and anti-coagulation polysaccharides content.
Laminaria seaweed contains up to 10 times more iodine than Fucus.
– Rodisterol, a phytolipid from Gelidium Cartilagineum seaweed attacks adipose cells by breaking their tri-glycerides.
– Escin, a highly effective ingredient for draining action
– Ceramides, NMF and deep hydration composits.

Osaine Slimming Sea Cream Application

Apply after using Osaine Slimming Sea Mud 
Apply from ankles to waist, insisting on problem areas. During application massage to help absorption.
For a subcutaneous tri-glycerides’ lipolysis, intercellular liquid drainage, edema inflammation reduction, circulation stimulation.

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Weight.300 kg


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