Osaine Omega Range


Osaine Omega Range

Osaine Omega Range , Specific products for ultimate hydration.

If your skin needs moisturizing and overall soothing.
For some skin types, most hydrating products are not enough. Very
delicate skin, fragile or toughened by harsh climatic conditions or
simply affected by the ageing process may be subject to tightness and
frequent peeling. These conditions require specific treatments that
ensure adequate moisturizing and total comfort.

As it ages, skin develops concealed inflammations, caused by the sun,
harsh cleansers and pollution. The result is a reduction of cellular
cohesion and accelerated dehydration.
In vitro and in vivo studies have shown that Phaeodactylum tricornotum
seaweed extract, called Omegaplancton®, features the unique ability of
protecting the skin from latent inflammations by stimulating the formation
of ceramides, that in turn reduces dehydration.
Omegaplancton® is also a natural marine source of Omega-3 essential
fatty acids, which are substances naturally present in our skin and
essential for the reduction of free radicals in the body, as well as to
stimulate the production of collagen and ceramides.

Codium thomentosum is a green seaweed that thrives in rock pools that form between the reefs. During the
hottest summer months, water evaporation increases the concentration of salt that causes a dangerous osmotic
imbalance to the cells.
To counteract this lethal phenomenon, the seaweed synthesizes a hetero-polysaccharide called Codiavelane®,
whose function is to mix with the water and ensure the correct physiological level.
In skincare products, Codiavelane® ensures the same result, hindering evaporation and establishing an ideal
level of hydration. In vivo studies conducted on skin treated with creams containing Codiavelane® have
demonstrated that the level of moisture is immediately increased, the effect is long-lasting and best of all, that
it reaches the deeper skin layers.