Osaine Mothers Day Give Away

Osaine Mothers Day Give Away

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Osaine Mothers Day Give Away

Osaine Mothers Day Give Away .  When you purchase Osaine Mandalic Peeling Mask you will receive the osaine-relaxing-sea-cream valued at $88 for Free.

Limited time and Limited stock Available.

Osaine AHA Mandalic Peeling Mask

Osaine AHA Mandalic Peeling Mask  AHA Peeling is an intense skin whitening and regenerating treatment. Improves skin elasticity, enhances collagen synthesis and reduces dark spots.

This is an amazing product. For those who are trying to fade the effects of dark spots on face, uneven skin tone, repair sun damage, and trying to treat the inflammation that occurs with acne; chemical peels that use alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), such as mandelic acid peel, can be quite effective.

Osaine Relaxing Sea Cream

Osaine Relaxing Sea Cream A highly hydrating, non-greasy, velvety emulsion. Apply at the end of a Relaxing treatments.   It’s an ideal alternative product for specific maintenance treatments.  This cream hydrates, nourishes and relaxes tissue.  The relaxing line is designed to implement the seawater’s extraordinary features. It purifies, detoxifies, braces and performs an anti-inflammation action.   This Line also makes for an ideal preparation for the Slimming and Firming skin treatments.

Osaine Relaxing Sea Cream Quintessential Elements

– Gulf Stream Seawater
– Bioplasma, a plankton seaweed extract that enhances cell metabolism by heightening their energetic level; it protects cells against UV- rays and free radical damage, enhances ATP synthesis and improves cellular well-being.

It relaxes before any following specific treatment.


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