Osaine monthly May Special

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Osaine monthly May Special

Osaine monthly May Special When you purchase a Stem Cell Day Cream and Healing Face Serum, you will receive a free Stem Cell Hand Cream at no cost.


Limited time only.  Limited stock only. 

Stem Cell Day Cream

Osaine Stem Cell Renewing Day Cream soft and creamy hydrating emulsion, ideal in the day treatment of normal and dry skins, optimal as 24-h cream for young skins. Thanks to the combined action of sea stem cells and seaweeds, it gives to your face, neck and neckline skin a young and bright look.  Cell’s evolution allowed algae to adapt to these hard environmental conditions fighting dehydration and early oxidation.  Stem cell extraction helps to essential elements to hydrate the skin back to life.

Healing Face Serum

Osaine Stem Cell Healing Face Serum is an intensive serum. Stem cell action is focused on the deepest layers of the skin. However, it’s enhanced by sea stem cells.

The Sea Steam Cell serum results in a healthier, younger and bright looking skin.

Rejuvenating and regenerating intensive serum.  Firstly Its action is focused on the deepest skin layers, whose compactness, regeneration and organization’, which can be enhanced by sea stem cells, resulting in a healthier, younger and bright face.

Stem Cell Hand Cream

OSaine Stem Cell Repairing Hand Cream a Rich and protective cream preventing skin cracking and dryness and giving an intense sensation of protection and comfort. It is absorbed in a few minutes leaving a non-oily protective couch. Also ideal for dry and cracked feet skin treatment.


Cell’s evolution allowed alga to adapt to these hard environmental conditions fighting dehydration and early oxidation. Stem cell extraction brings this adaption ability in an active ingredient. Each dedifferentiated cell, indeed, contains all the genetic information to the seaweed. Thanks to the biomimicry, skin receives this unbelievable natural resource and metabolizes it in its cellular cycle. Vital signs are evident soon.


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