Osaine Firming Sea Cream


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Day by day, the figure gets refined, skin becomes firmer and more elastic.


Osaine Firming Sea Cream 250ml

Osaine Firming Sea Cream, This draining and re-structuring emulsion is essential for a complete a firming treatment, after using the firming mud.
Day by day, the figure gets refined, skin becomes firmer and more elastic.

Quintessential Elements

To address these cosmetic pathologies, Osaine has formulated its product’s with the following active ingredients:
Gulf Stream oceanic seawater
Laminaria Digitata seaweed, pure & minced is used for rebalancing, draining & slimming action thanks to its high iodine & anti-coagulation polysaccharides content.      Laminaria seaweed contains up to 10 times more iodine than Fucus.
Aosaine is an extract from Aosa seaweed that enhances skin elasticity and inhibits collagen and elastine-degrading enzymes.
Sea Collagen is used to increase skin collagen capital and enhance tissue resistance from ageing.
Eelastine, makes tissues more elastic.


Apply from ankles to waist, insisting on problem areas. Massage during application to oxygenate hypodermic tissues.


An intercellular liquid draining, collagen fibre re-structuring and strengthening, epithelial and dermal elastine increase, cellular cohesion  enhancement.

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