Osaine Enteline Phail

Reduces reddening drastically, refreshes, decongests, eliminates couperose and acne rosacea 


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Osaine Enteline Phail

Osaine Enteline Phail  Soothing & Couperose Gel, soothes sensitive and reddened skin. It reduces reddening drastically, refreshes, decongests and, thanks to its vasoconstriction action, eliminates couperose and acne rosacea phenomena.

Couperose (acne rosacea) usually affects thin and sensitive skin, but it may sometimes appear on mixed and greasy skin too. This phenomenon is brought on by capillary fragility and imperfect superficial circulation. Moreover, Couperose cases may appear after persistent skin congestion and a progressive loss of tissue elasticity. Enteromorpha compressa enhances capillary permeability and skin thickness. It protects the skin’s neurotransmitters in reducing irritations, redness and erythema.


Quintessential Elements

Enteline®, acts at a cellular neurotransmitters’ level, it reduces sensitizing and inflammation.
Ruscogenine®, an active fraction of bark widely used for pharmaceutical products, develops a protective and constrictive action on vases.
Rutimine®, also known as Bioflavonol, makes capillary walls elastic and permeable, preventing cracks and stretches.
Aloe Vera Gel, refreshes, hydrates, protects and decongests sensitive and reddened skin.
Zinc Oxide, a mineral with renown soothing and protecting characteristics.

Osaine Enteline Phail , Application

Apply phial content on reddened, couperose and acne rosacea affected areas. Avoid massage and wait until complete absorption.

Range Enteline Phial is for Sensitive Problematic skin types.

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