Osaine Corail Moisturising Mask


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 Extremely moisturising, achieves a nourished restored  skin.


Osaine Corail Moisturising Mask

Osaine Corail Moisturising Mask obtains a high absorption level. Corail Idramask is extremely moisturising, achieves a nourished restored skin.

Leaving a remarkable overall effect and feel of softness and resilience.

Cosmetic studies on Monostroma® have been conducted to improve cellular communication between the epidermis and the dermis, through the fibroblastic membrane’s receptors. The active ingredients in the Monostroma® seaweed slow cellular ageing down and improve the migration from the stratum germinativum up to the superficial stratum corneum. Monostroma® gradually counteracts all surface wrinkles, in addition to preventing their further formation, and gives the skin a younger, more radiant appearance.

Quintessential Elements

Sea water.
Monostroma® stimulates and increases cellular adhesion, promoting
the formation of natural collagen.
Marine collagen provides deep nourishment, reduction of wrinkles
and expression lines.

Osaine Corail Moisturising Mask, Application:

Apply to the face and massage gently. Leave for at least 10 minutes, then remove rinse away with warm water.

Range: Normal Skin | All Skin Types

Additional information

Weight.250 kg

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