FleurDeMer Daily Antioxidants


FleurDeMer Daily Antioxidants

FleurDeMer Daily Antioxidants   Promotes Skin Health Contains
30ml Vitamin A Serum Stimulates Skin Regeneration
30ml Vitamin C Serum Potent Anti-Oxidant, Stimulates Collagen


FleurDeMer Daily Antioxidants: When you order in place note in special instructions at checkout the sunblock of your choice Clear, Light, Soft Medium or Medium

FleurDeMer Daily Antioxidants Deal

Fleur De Mer Vitamin A Serum: Proven to improve the appearance of wrinkles

 If you are not getting the results you are looking for from your skin care Fleur De Mer Vitamin A Serum could well be the ideal proven alternative.

This serum has been proven to improve the appearance of wrinkles as well as acne. In cold winter months Vitamin A encourages healthy skin cell production and growth – stimulating skin cell regeneration.

Fleur De Mer Vitamin A Serum also contains Lactic and Salicylic Acids to gently remove dead skin cells to ensure more rapid and deeper penetration of Vitamin A with excellent results.

Fleur De Mer Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C (l-ascorbic acid)

Fleur De Mer Vitamin C Serum Specially formulated to deliver very high concentrations (11% and 20%) into your skin providing normal, ageing or damaged skin with …

  • Improved, revitalised and a younger-looking appearance particularly when the skin is sun-damaged or prematurely ageing.
  • Lightening of blemishes and pigmentations
  • Reduced signs of fine lines
  • Stimulated collagen for firmer, more hydrated skin
  • Greater skin protection because of its potent antioxidant properties.

Fleur De Mer Vitamin C  (ascorbic acid) is actually coated with microscopic capsules which protect it from elements that could reduce its stability. It’s always fresh and also brought to you at an optimum pH with no preservatives, fragrance or colour.

This is the form of Vitamin C which is readily absorbed and utilised by the skin. Although it’s not an overnight miracle, results do become apparent after a week or two. After that its better-looking skin all the time.

Fleur De Mer SPF 50+ Sunblock of your choice

With the FleurDeMer Daily Antioxidants deal, Whichever shade you choose each is water-resistant, broad-spectrum and SPF50 which means that they filter ultraviolet A and B ray aiding in the prevention of premature skin ageing, brown pigmentations, wrinkles while helping to reduce the risk of some skin cancers.

Smooth spreading water-resistant cream, gives up to 4 hours protection from the sun.  2 products in 1 provides very affordable and beautiful foundation creams with excellent coverage, a perfect matte finish and no oily texture and with a built-in SPF50 protection sunscreen.

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