Bonus Omega Hydration Pack

Bonus Omega Hydration Pack, Purchase Omega Cleanser, Toner, Day and Night Creams. Receive a free toiletry bag. Limited time only


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Bonus Omega Hydration Pack

When you purchase Bonus Omega Hydration Pack contains Cleanser, Toner, Day and Night Creams. you will receive a free toiletry bag Free when you purchase this pack.

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Osaine Omega Cleanser works on dehydrated skin of all ages. Hence as skin ages, it develops concealed inflammations, caused by the sun, harsh cleansers, and pollution.  Therefore the result is a reduction of cellular cohesion and accelerated dehydration, this is where Omega Cleanser is great for hydration.  Consequently In vitro and in vivo studies have shown that Phaeodactylum tricornotum extract,  Omegaplancton®, features the unique ability to protect the skin.


Consequently high content of Gulf Stream Water restores the balance of minerals and ions in the skin.
Consequently Algae plankton Phaedactylum Tricornotum extract (Omegaplankton®) provides essential Omega-3 fatty acids.


 Nutriplancton Night Cream. Intensely nourishing cream for dehydrated skin. For some skin types, most hydrating products are not enough. Suits Very delicate skin. Ideal for fragile or toughened skin affected by harsh climatic conditions.  Consequently for skin affected by the ageing process, and that may be subject to tightness and frequent peeling. These conditions require specific treatments that ensure adequate moisturizing and total comfort.


Omega Indraplancton Cream for Dry dehydrated skin types.  An ideal moisturising day cream that relieves stress, leaving the face smoother and firmer.   Consequently, it ages skin, develops concealed inflammations, caused by the sun, harsh cleansers and pollution.