Body Pamper Bonus Mitt

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Body Pamper Bonus Mitt

Body Pamper Bonus Mitt Set consists of Seaweed Soap, Marine Oil, Hand Cream and Bonus Natural fibre Exfoliation Mitt, valued at $25

Body Pamper Bonus Mitt , Pamper the body with this exfoliating Mitt, Seaweed Soap, Vitamin enriched Marine Oil, and Hand Cream the complete body package.

Seaweed Soap

A 100% vegetable soap with chondrus crispus flakes (red algae) incorporated to eliminate dead cells . Its vegetable base respects the most sensitive epidermis and crushed red algae allow a gentle exfoliation.


  • Leaves the skin with a Beautiful Smooth Texture
  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Leaves a healthy-looking skin with a fresh radiance
  • The skin is regenerated and strengthened
  • Chondrus Crispus
  • seaweed 

Marine Oil  100ml

Christe Marine Seaweed extract has powerful Seaweed contains an amazing wealth of components and nutrients with more than 40 active marine ingredients including | Minerals Trace elements | Proteins | Oligo elements |Vitamins -Essential Fatty Acids including Omega Oils |Mucopolysaccharides.

These nutrients are found in the highest concentrations in seaweeds (marine algae) and seawater. This is the reason we have such great results with skin and body therapies. These vitamins and minerals are necessary for the proper functioning of our organs to produce healthy skin, hair and nails.

The main advantage of Algologie products from the prime seaweed chosen to the advanced extraction process is the natural power of the seaweed drawn from the heart of the ocean.

Algologie Hand Neck & Nails, Hand Cream 75ml

Algologie Hand Neck & Nails, Hand Cream This cream rich in Algo3 Complex and in nourishing active ingredients protects, repairs and softens dry hands.  The creams light texture is rapidly absorbed.  Provitamin B5 adds a complementary action by fortifying nails.

Variation of seaweed possesses its own individual cocktail of elements.

Certain types of seaweed have active ingredients and characteristics similar to substances that exist in our skin.  Multiple tests on their effectiveness have shown that the use of these seaweeds, for skincare products, improves the metabolism and results in a younger and healthier looking skin.

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