Algologie Vine Secret Travel Pack

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Algologie Vine Secret Travel Pack

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Algologie Vine Secret Travel Pack  Perfect size to take away on a short break. Or excellent for Shift workers on different shifts wanting to keep a good skin routine and refreshen up.

Algologie Vine Secret Optimal Lotion is wonderful for all skin types.  This reddish lotion is a real treasure of freshness and hydration for the skin. At the same time helping to limit the damage caused by destructive free radicals and prevent premature skin ageing. Thanks to its pleasant grape fragrance the application is a moment of pure pleasure. Skin is kept soft and supple day after day.

Beautiful textures in beautiful packaging with beautiful marketing support. All products are rich in natural anti-oxidants and nutrients from grapes and its seeds to protect and treat skin and ensure that we look younger longer. Wherever we live or work our skin and bodies are being invaded as never before by dangerous oxidative sources such as industrial pollution, exhaust fumes, the suns U.V. rays, rancid fats and oils, highly refined foods, stress and lots more. As a result, an oxidation process creates in our bodies harmful toxins called free radicals which can
have an ageing and damaging effect on our skin and internal organs.



  1. Optimal Cleanser 50ml
  2. Optimal Lotion 50ml
  3. Optimal Scrub 15ml
  4. Optimal Mask 15ml
  5. Optimal Cream 15ml

This range has been discontinued.

We now have the New Sincerity Range Called  Sincerity Grape Extracts 

Grape Extract Cleanser

Grape Extract Toner

Grape Extract Scrub

Grape Extract Mask

Grape Extract Serum

Grape Extract  Eye Cream

Grape Extract Moisturiser