Algologie Triple C & Sensi Mask

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Algologie Triple C & Sensi Mask

DESCRIPTION : Algologie Triple C & Sensi Mask when you purchase a full sized  Triple C Cream you can receive a full sized Sentivie Mask * (old packaging) at half price. Limited time| Limited Stock 

Range: Sensitive Skin Des Dunes Range

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Algologie Sensi Plus Triple C Cream  50mls

Algologie Sensi Plus Triple C Cream helps normal to combination sensitive skins. It recovers a bright and uniform complexion while bringing hydration, protection and comfort. A light yellow cream feels like luxury softness. The Triple C Cream has been formulated for all skin types especially sensitive and red skin, with a tendency to be normal to dry with an uneven complexion. This a complete cream that protects, softens, and purifies. It helps to create a clear complexion, soothing redness, toning and refreshing the skin with the presence of Hibiscus, Couperose Complex, Calendula and Allantoin. The Triple C Cream helps the skin to restore a uniform complexion well hydrated and nourished.


– Couperose Complex

– Fucus

– Hibiscus

– Calendula

– Allantoin

Algologie Sensi Plus Triple C Cream Application 

Normal to combination sensitive skins.

Apply every morning with light movements on the face and neck.

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Algologie Sensi Comfort Mask

Very soft and smooth creamy texture with a delicate fragrance. This mask will intensely nourish
skin and leave it soft and soothed. Redness is diminished and the skin is left very comfortable. It
envelopes the skin with softness and helps it regain extreme comfort.

Algo4 Complex: To protect, oxygenate, nourish and very gently stimulate.
Ascophyllum Nodosum: A brown seaweed that protects the skin from the effects of pollution and
strengthens the skin’s barrier by blocking pollutants.
Rhodosorus Marinus:  This powerful soothing ingredient obtained with biotechnology significantly.
reduces skin sensitivity.
Sea Chamomile: Powerful protective and soothing properties. Rich in Selenium (anti-oxidant), Zinc
(anti-redness and irritation) and Calcium (skin soother).
Chamomile: Proven calming and soothing properties
Calendula: Softens and soothes the skin.
Gulf Stream Sea Water:  Contains 96 minerals and trace elements it re-mineralises and rebalances skin while treating it.
Shea Butter: Nourishes, protects against dryness and softens skin. Leaves skin younger and healthier

Apply a layer all over a perfectly cleansed and gently dried skin avoiding the eye area. Then leave for 15 minutes,  finish with a rinse of warm water and tone.



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