Algologie Sensi Plus Soothing Lotion

Soothing lotion is fantastic & suitable for red, irritated and sensitive skin


 Algologie Sensi Plus Soothing Lotion 150m

Algologie Sensi Plus Soothing Lotion is yellow liquid may be applied as a cold compress.  Sensi lotion is used to diminish the hot, burning sensation from irritation, reaction or damage to the skin.

Quintessential Elements

Calcium Hydroxide

Cooled Lime Calming, soothing and anti-inflammatory. Helps to restore a disrupted pH associated with irritated skin.


Saturate a cotton square with Soothing Lotion,  gently dab on the face after cleansing.  In  the case of itchiness, stinging redness etc, apply as a cold compress.

Our advice ~ use as a compress for Rosacea to reduce redness and calm the skin.

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