Algologie Maceration Centella & Bonus Maceration

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Algologie Maceration Centella & Bonus Maceration

Exclusive from Direct From The Therapist

Algologie Maceration Centella & Bonus Maceration Deal free valued at $45 When you purchase Maceration and Centella retail size. Receive a bonus  Travel size Maceration,  and Skin Booster Program.  Exclusive to Direct From The Therapist only.   



Algologie Intensive Marine Centella Serum

A clear honey coloured gel with a high concentrate of Algologie Intensive Marine Centella Serum.  It provides brilliant and quick
repair of skin tissue and wounds including recently caused scars, burns and other skin disorders.  Prevent and reduces fine lines, stretch marks and relieves sunburn quickly.


Algologie Intense Marine Algae Maceration 125ml

Algologie Intense Marine Algae Maceration A thick brown liquid with an oily feel although it contains no oil. Natural algae fragrance. This maceration is the fundamental treatment in achieving a skin that is healthy, balanced, hydrated and stimulated. Algae Maceration is composed of 100% natural Fucus Extract. Its fluid texture (glycolic extract) allows a high concentration of active marine ingredients and ensures rapid penetration and diffusion into our skin cells. The Algae Maceration may be used to enrich, nourish and remineralise a skin that needs revitalization. It is excellent as a massage oil, as a boost under or mixed into any mask and may be used under a cream at the end of the treatment.
Algae Maceration is recommended for all types of skin and for both face and body.

Its daily use on the face and body will:
– provide essential vitamins, minerals and proteins for a healthy skin;
– firm;
– restore a youthful-looking glow
– slow down signs of ageing
– reduce the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles
– stimulate cutaneous blood circulation


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