Algologie Des Vague Hydration Range


Algologie Des Vague Hydration Range

Algologie Des Vague Hydration Range Algologie Skin Care has a specifically designed professional hydration range –

“Des Vague” French for – “The Waves”.

Hydrating with Algologie   Des Vague Hydration Range from Direct From The Therapist

Want quick hydrated results, try this amazing nourishing hydrating sensational skin care.

Dry dehydrated skin needs careful attention… neglecting your skin will more often lead to further problems like premature skin ageing which could have been avoided with care.

Hydrate with Serums and Moisturisers in the Algologie’s Hydration range intensely hydrate the skin cells. Introducing and retaining moisture, nourish and rebalancing the skin for immediate results and a velvety silky skin bursting with moisture.

Boosting hydration and nourishment with all the minerals and vitamins from seaweeds… Fortified with Hyaluronic Acid’s powerful moisturising properties and more ingredients to trap moisture in the deeper layers of the skin… are just some of the key elements in the moisturisers and serums.

At Direct From the Therapist, the Skin Care specialist we know all about the moisturisers, serums and even boosters in the Algologie Range.  The best approach to maintaining a healthier looking, hydrated and nourished skin.

Remember preventing skin ageing is always easier than correcting.

How to combat dry, dehydrated, moisture-starved skin!

A carefully formulated range of products, with a variety of textures to comfortably nourish, protect, hydrate and stimulate the delicate needs of a moisture starved skin. Don’t live in discomfort with a dry skin… and certainly, don’t let your skin dry out – leading to prematurely ageing your skin…

Moisture-packed… Serums, Boosters, Exfoliants, Masks and Moisturisers…leaving the skin visibly hydrated, plumped and replenished. Genuinely acting like a “WAVE” of freshness and hydration on the skin.

Algologie’s Hydration range –  Is a Hydrating and nourishing cocktail of intricately chosen ingredients to help reinforce the optimal degree of hydration.


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