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Body Multi-Purpose Oil


Pen Lan Oil - Universal Body & Hair Oil

Body & Hair Oil By Algologie this is a real beauty! Amazing smell and feel. For the whole body & for the hair, apply to the body and hair ends to moisturize

A deliciously scented oil that instantly sublimates the skin with a light satin veil. Enhances the body and the hair. Nourishes and hydrates deeply. ALGO 4® An exclusive bio-mimetic complex composed of 4 active ingredients derived from extremophilic plants which meets the 4 fundamental needs of the skin: protect, oxygenate, nourish, stimulate. REGENERATE - HAZELNUT OIL Emollient and regenerating action. Softens and softens, especially dry and tight skin. SUBLIMATE - CAMELIA OIL Very gentle, it repairs dry, fragile or devitalized skin and gives the skin a velvety feel. SOFTEN - SWEET ALMOND OIL Softening and fortifying, it activates the repair of the skin. RESTRUCTURE - BORAGE OIL It is recognized for its restructuring and moisturizing properties. USE Apply morning and/or evening to the whole body to satin and sublimate the skin. For the hair, apply morning and /or evening to the ends to moisturize and sublimate. 100% natural origin.
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