Toners Lotion Scientifically formulated with natural extracts and actives… extremely gentle for your skin. Toners are an essential step in skincare routine firstly its PH Balanced and toner also hydrates the skin’. This allowing your other products to penetrate deeper into the skin.  You will find you don’t use as much serum or moisturiser in well-hydrated skin.

  • Fleur De Mer Gentle Cleansing Oil

    Fleur De Mer Gentle Cleansing Oil

  • FleurDeMer Skin Renewal Lotion

    FleurDeMer Skin Renewal Lotion

  • Algologie Des Dunes Lotion

    Algologie Des Dunes Lotion

    $50.00 Sale!
  • Algologie Cleanser Toner Pack

    Algologie Cleanser Toner Pack

    $96.00 Sale!
  • Fleur De Mer Mist of Roses

    Fleur De Mer Mist of Roses

    $48.00 Sale!
  • Moisturiser without Toner

    Detox & Clean Algamarine Lotion

  • FleurDeMer Purifying Toner

    FleurDeMer Purifying Toner

    $49.95 Sale!
  • Sentisive Dune Duo 400ml

    Sentisive Dune Duo 400ml

    $132.00 Sale!
  • Sensitive Bonus Pack

    Sensitive Bonus Pack

    $495.00 Sale!
  • Detox Clean Duo 400ml

    Detox Clean Duo 400ml

    $132.00 Sale!
  • L’archipel Purifying Mattifying Toner

    L’archipel Purifying Mattifying Toner

  • Des Dunes Repair Kit

    Des Dunes Repair Kit

    $255.00 Sale!
  • FDM Hydrate Bonus Pack

    FDM Hydrate Bonus Pack

    $147.00 Sale!
  • DesDunes Bag Set

    DesDunes Bag Set

    $290.00 Sale!
  • FleurDeMer Acne Control PackFleurDeMer Acne Control Pack

    FleurDeMer Acne Control Pack

    $198.00 Sale!