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Aosaplus Intensive AntiWrinkle Cream

This Intensive cream is used for its effectiveness in blocking collagen and elastin degradation.
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Osaine Aosa Cleanser

AOSACLEANSER | 250ML Osaine Aosa Cleanser Nourishing Cleansing Lotion ideal for very dry skin, with wrinkles & ageing signs. It wipes away impurities from the deepest wrinkles,
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Osaine AosaFill Eye Cream

An intensive cream for eye contour and lips with a regenerative and filling effect creating a soft full look.
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Osaine Aosatonic Rejuvenating Lotion

Gulf Stream Seawater, Aosaine® algae Trymethyglycine, a amino acid conveying to the cellular DNA methylic groups lost in the ageing process, thereby allowing a cellular “rejuvenating” process. Gives back the natural balance of mineral salts and ions in the skin, stimulating Collagen and Elastine’s production.  
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Osaine Aosa Starter Pack

Osaine Aosa Starter Pack Increase Hydration & Nourish your skin using a complex of Oligo Elements, that replicates your Skins Plasma by 98%.
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Osaine Aosa Set

Osaine Aosa Set Aosa Cleanser, Aosatonic, Asoplus Marine Collagen moisturiser, Aosafil eye cream.  Receive a Free and Bathroom bag.
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Osaine Aosa Rebalancing Package

Osaine Aosa Rebalancing Package  Purchase the set of Aosa skincare containing Aosa Cleanser + Aosatonic + Asoplus moisturiser + Aosafil eye cream. Save $20 buying in a package  
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Osaine Aosomask Firming Mask

An intensive, nourishing and moisturizing mask for the face and neck, developed to satisfy the needs of mature skin.  AosaMask activates the production of collagen and elastin fibers restoring the skins firmness. Reduces wrinkles and gives a lifting effect.
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Osaine Aosa Kit

Osaine Aosa Kit Aosa Cleanser + Aosatonic + Asoplus Marine Collagen moisturiser, Mask + Aosafil eye cream. Receive a Free Bathroom bag.
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This group of products is designed to solve the problems of demanding skin: tired skin that suffers from a decrease in elasticity and hydration. To help the facial epidermis renew itself more quickly and find its natural vitality, Osaìne has developed formulas based on the qualities of the Ulva lactuca seaweed.

Aosaine® It is an extract of the Ulva lactuca seaweed that grows on the cliffs of the Bréhat archipelago, which helps to preserve the integrity of the elastic fibers of the tissues by inhibiting the action of elastase, the enzyme that degrades the proteins of ‘elastin and collagen, leading to an improvement in cellular respiration, an increase in tissue regeneration with a visible reduction in wrinkles.

Kelpadelie® Natural skin aging is caused by age and damage caused by ultraviolet rays. In fact, these two factors stimulate enzymes capable of degrading collagen and elastin, fundamental proteins that give the skin a compact and elastic structure.

Studies carried out on Macrocystis pyrifera algae have shown that it produces a substance, Kelpadelie, capable of blocking the enzymes that break down these proteins. Kelpadelie therefore, used in face creams, prevents the decrease of collagen and elastin by slowing down the aging of tissues