Osaine Cream –  The nourishing product from the Sea.  Vitamin filled creams from the sea.   Direct from the Therapist the online Australian Store to get all Osaine skin care.

Monostroma algae: green seaweed highly resistant to environmental conditions, improves communication between dermis and epidermis thereby improving skin elasticity and mechanical strength.

Osaine Stem Cell Restoring Eye Cream  the Concentrated emulsion is rich in vegetal stem cells.  Containing  cells that  enhances the
rejuvenating process.  This formula contains filling microspheres, that erase small wrinkles and expression marks almost immediately.

Cosmetic studies on Monostroma® have been conducted to improve cellular communication between the epidermis and the dermis, through the fibroblastic membrane’s receptors. The active ingredients in the Monostroma® seaweed allow cellular ageing down and improve the migration from the stratum germinativum up to the superficial stratum corneum.

CIC2® Crithmum maritimum Rock Samphire) callus culture filtrate
Skin radiance and tone improvement
Regulation of the keratogenesis
Skin renewal stimulation
Stimulation of cell proliferation and differentiation
Better cohesion, communication and firming effect
Coetaneous healing stimulation
Reinforcement of anti-oxidant protection