Conceived for those skin types that are very thin, lacking in softness and fragile by nature, which cannot be satisfied with classic products. These skins claim specific products capable of ensuring hydration and absolute comfort Omegaplancton® It is a marine source of Omega-3 essential fatty acids, substances naturally present in our skin and essential for the reduction of free radicals. Furthermore, Omegaplankton has the ability to protect the epidermis from latent inflammations and to stimulate the synthesis of collagen and ceramides. In a cosmetic Codiavelane® guarantees an obstacle to evaporation by establishing an optimal level of hydration. Studies on skin treated with Codiavelane®-based creams have shown that the increase in the level of hydration is immediate, long-lasting and above all active even in the deep epidermis.

  • Osaine Omega Christmas Bonus Pack

    Osaine Omega Christmas Bonus Pack

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  • Osaine Omega Cleanser

    Osaine Omega Cleanser

  • Omega Nutriplancton Night Cream

    Omega Nutriplancton Night Cream