Natch Beauty Accessories is Australian owned. They have and arrange of beauty products and accessories. including Head Turbans, Sponges, Kojac Sponges, Foot Exfoliants.

Natch Beauty Accessories include

 Head Turban  is made of polyester and cotton so it’s fluffy and Super Soft and extremely comfortable to wear! The combination of fabrics gives this  Head Turban excellent water absorption qualities which provide quick hair drying results. This unique hair Turban soaks up 80% more water than a regular towel, without causing damage to your hair.  Because of the soft fabric, It also helps reduce the risk of annoying split ends! This cuts back on  time and power getting your hair dry.

Natch Konjac Natural Cleansing Sponge suitable for all skin types.  This 100% natural sponge is made from Konjac vegetable plant roots. The sponge cleanses whilst balancing the skin’s pH levels with its natural alkalinity. The sponge is hard when dry, consequently, it softens when soaked in water, leaving it silky soft.  Suitable for all skin types, and good for sensitive skin and children. Konjac Sponge has been used for centuries as a beauty tool.

  • Konjac Natural Cleansing Sponge

    Konjac Natural Cleansing Sponge

  • Head Turban Mauve

    Head Turban Mauve

    $15.00 Sale!
  • Head Turban Pale Blue

    Head Turban Pale Blue

    $15.00 Sale!
  • Head Turban Dust Pink

    Head Turban Dust Pink

    $15.00 Sale!
  • Head Turban Mushroom

    Head Turban Mushroom

    $15.00 Sale!
  • Natural Sea Sponge

    Natural Sea Sponge

  • Head Turban Brown

    Head Turban Brown

    $15.00 Sale!
  • Head Turban Pale Grey

    Head Turban Pale Grey

    $15.00 Sale!