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FDM Clear Sunblock SPF50

FleurDeMer Sunscreen SPF50 Clear An essential for all 365 days! Total Sunscreen with Vitamin E Easily absorbed.  A handy 50ml tube of soft clear cream
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Detox Algamarine Lotion

A delicate lotion that balances pH, invigorating and boosting the skin's absorption rate. Delivers Hydration back into the skin,  Particularly hydrating. It’s important to know that using a lotion after cleansing will increase the skin's hydration, so you will use less of your serums and moisturisers.  
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Seastem Remodelling Body Cream


Sea stem cells and seaweed enhances rejuvenation in a firming effect like never seen before.

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products suitable for the skins in the 30’s

30’s Skin Care for your age group. Beauty Talk speaks about products, skincare selection, ranges and treatments to look after your skin in your 30’s. Problems start to sneak in like fine lines if we aren’t looking after our skin with what it needs.