Lift & Lumiere Advanced Marine Biotechnology Range

Lift & Lumiere Advanced Marine Biotechnology Range gives you the most comprehensive solution today to restoring firmness, youthfulness and a glowing radiance to every skin type.


Are highly disruptive to natural skin processes which then slow down essential skin repair and cellular regeneration. Distinct signs of ageing are frequently noticed just after awakening … BUT NOT WITH LIFT & LUMIERE FIRMING NIGHT CREAM …From Day 1 radiance begins to be restored.


Euglena Gracilis: The micro algae which supply the energy necessary for cellular renewal as well as the proteins for firmness.

Thermus Thermophylus : Protects skin from free radical damage which would otherwise create fine lines, lack of firmness and an aging appearance.

Sodium Hyaluronate: This is Hyaluronic Acid.  Hyaluronic Acid provides more and more moisture to quench a dry skin and keep skin perpetually moist.

Chondrus  Crispus The seaweed extract that restores radiance and smooth skin when you wake up. Gulf Stream Seawater:

With heaps of natural minerals and vitamins to keep skin revitalized and youthful. Wheat Germ Oil: Highly nourishing anti-oxidant.

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