OSaine Cosmeceutical Skin Care

Osaine online in Australia

Osaine online in Australia

Osaine online in Australia

Osaine online in Australia is available exclusively from Direct From The Therapist. Osaìne is a Luxury spa skincare range that has been specially formulated from live seaweeds and marine waters.

Extensive studies have proven that certain marine algae’s have the same composition as blood plasma; therefore when these algae’s are applied to the skin, the skin responds in a positive way. These seaweeds used in Osaine, have shown improvement in the metabolism of cells, and the general functioning of the skin. After application, the skin is left looking healthier, well hydrated and radiant.

Sea the Difference

Green Seaweed:
These are found close to the surface of the ocean The most popular being “ulva lactuca” lettuce of the sea, with its irregular edges, is rich in vitamin B and iron, which improves microcirculation and firms the tissues.
Another green seaweed is “Enteromorpha Compressa” which is rich in vitamins but is non-stimulating.

Red Seaweed:
Found at the bottom of the ocean, tiny and small and rarely exposed to light.
Chondus Crispus rich in vitamin B12 and C, moisturizing, soothing and nourishing. Found in the seaweed soap and capsules.
Lithothamnium and Coralina very rich in Iron, Magnesium, and Calcium. Rich in nutrients for well -being and re-mineralizing.

Osaìne was created starting right from the cosmetic properties of these algae; all products in the range contain, in addition to algae extracts divided according to function, the salt water of the Gulf Stream (GulfStreamseawater).
Studies in this water have shown that, in a cosmetic product, has the ability to revitalize and re-mineralize the cells, stimulating the essential enzymes, boosting the immune system and protect the skin from allergies with anti-histamine action.

Osaìne was born from careful studies on the dermatological and cosmetic activities of seaweed.
Some algae have characteristics and active principles similar to Those present in the skin and Numerous tests have shown That the use of These algae in a cosmetic product, Guarantees perfect metabolism and a healthy and youthful appearance.