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Fleur De Mer Authorised Online Sales

FleurDeMer Authorised Online Sales

FleurDeMer Authorised Online Sales

FleurDeMer Authorised Online Sales AU, Direct from the Therapist, is a professional place to buy your online products with confidence and excellent service. 

Fleur De Mer Cosmeceutical Australia Online Sales. The secure place to purchase your online Fleur De Mer from trained Esthetician Therapists. We know our products and only provide high-quality Brands and services.

The founder of Fleur De Mer Cosmeceuticals is Michael Sperber. Michael is a graduate of Rhodes University with degrees in Pharmacy & Chemistry Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists. Ex-member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain).

For over 30 years, Fleur De Mr Cosmeceuticals has been looking after women’s and men’s skin. Indeed proof of the reliability and efficacy of these products while providing pleasing results.

Michael still collaborates scientifically with international skin companies, dermatologists and cosmetic chemists on creating the best products and treatments for problem skin and maintaining your lovely, healthy skin. Hence, This is how he keeps aware of all newly discovered activities worldwide.

A word from Michael.

“Everyone’s skin needs specific products for treatments and maintenance. Hence, Not just any product off the shelf.

That’s why we only release a new product after testing is completed for safety, quick and effective results. However, Good skin is all

about having the right products that do the right thing and then using them in the correct order.

Look at your skin every day in the mirror and get to know it well. The sooner you recognise and treat minor changes, the

sooner you will enjoy the results. Nothing gives my Fleur De Mer team or me more satisfaction than helping people look and feel their best and recommending what up-to-the-minute research offers to achieve these goals. -Michael

To further educate our valued customers, we are proud to include a list of most of the components used. Therefore, Every ingredient

It comes to us with a certificate of analysis verifying the finest quality, which ensures the best and safest results.

Fleur De Mer Vitamin A & B & C

Three wonderful Serums. in this Unique Special Offer  Limited Offer.  | Individual Items available See Links below. 

Get your skin in tip-top shape.

Your skin is the body’s largest organ. Even if your diet is well balanced, often adequate levels of vitamins and minerals that we get from eating healthy food do not reach the skin to allow it to function properly and prevent premature ageing.
Now you can apply three vital vitamins directly to your skin to nourish the skin preventing many skin problems:

Firstly, Vitamin A Serum – Stimulates skin regeneration.
Secondly, Vitamin B Serum – Blocks moisture in the skin.
 furthermore, Vitamin C Serum – Potent antioxidant, stimulates Collagen.

Fleur De Mer Vitamin C Serums

Vitamin B CO+Niacin Serum

Vitamin A Serum

Direct From the Therapist