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Exfoliants and Peels

Exfoliants and Peels

Exfoliants and Peels work in different ways.  They are used to remove dead skin cells. Exfoliants leave a smooth, fresh and clean-looking complexion.

Whereas Lactic and Fruit acids peels break down. Consequently,  Peels remove and break down the bonds that hold dead skin cells to your skin.   Peels go deeper in the skin while Scrubs exfoliate the skin mechanically.  Exfoliant scrubs glide with ease and can be regulated to go gently or used with more intensity if the skin is in a healthy enough condition.

Gentle Exfoliating can help acne when performed properly in a treatment program. Never use an exfoliant on broken skin as it can lead to scarring or spreading bacteria. Beware if exfoliating is done too often, it can cause problems. If you use a scrub, use it as directed and be gentle.

Fruit enzymes peels exfoliate by breaking down the matter that binds dead skin cells together.    Consequently, they remove only the top layers of dead cells at the skin surface. They can also soothe the skin and are considered a safe and gentle form of exfoliation. The Benefit of enzyme peels is that they are considered mild enough for sensitive skin.

It’s not advised to do a peel and an exfoliant on the same day.

Skin can already be quite sensitive after a peel, and excessive exfoliating can cause your skin to become irritated and inflamed. This can  lead to possible scarring if the barrier system is damaged.

Exfoliants and Peels a a very valuable product in your regime for a clear fresh looking skin.