Osaine Corail Skin Whitening Serum

Osaine Corail Skin Whitening Serum

Osaine Corail Skin Whitening Serum

Do you have uneven skin pigmented skin? Osaine Corail Skin Whitening Serum is the answer.

Corail whitening is an active serum formulated to whiten brown marks!!!        Enriched with Kojic acid & Arbutin.    Kojic acid is a tyrosine inhibitor it inhibits the enzyme that is responsible for producing melanin. There are several hormones that regulate the distribution of melanocytes and their level of activity. Among them, there is the xMSH ( Mela-nocyte-stimulating hormone.)   It’s also important to note that during pregnancy, the female sexual hormones, particularly estrogens, stimulate cutaneous pigmentation.

The effects of UV rays on the skin are caused by a series of different mechanisms.   The main role of melanin pigmentation is to protect the skin.


The above information was bought to you from Mariza Nuttal. (Medispa Solutions)

  Mariza Nuttal is a qualified Aesthetician and a CIDESCO diplomat since 1995, and has also undertaken extensive studies in Paris. Mariza obtained her Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology in London.  With all her knowledge in the industry, Mariza has such a passion for skincare, Mariza introduced the Osaine product into the Australian market approximately 6 years ago.   The Osaine Brand has just grown with more and more people being introduced to this amazing brand of skincare.


The world Osaìne

Osaìne comes from careful studies on the natural synergy between the water of the Gulf Stream Marina and algae that grow in the archipelago of Brehat in France.

Osaìne was created starting right from the cosmetic properties of these algae; all products in the range contain, in addition to algae extracts divided according to function, the saltwater of the Gulf Stream (GulfStreamseawater).
Studies in this water have shown that, in a cosmetic product, has the ability to revitalize and re-mineralize the cells, stimulating the essential enzymes, boosting the immune system and protect the skin from allergies with anti-histamine action.

Osaìne comes from careful studies on the dermatological and cosmetic activity of seaweed.
Some algae have similar characteristics and active ingredients to those found in the skin and numerous tests have shown that the use of these algae in a cosmetic product guarantees a perfect metabolism and a healthy and youthful appearance.